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Accuro - New Zealand’s best little health insurer

Accuro is a not-for-profit health insurer that has over 30,000 members in New Zealand. It offers both personal and business health coverage to NZ residents. Learn more in this Accuro health insurance review.

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Accuro is a New Zealand-owned, not-for-profit health insurance provider that promises to place its 30,000+ members ahead of financial gain. Accuro provides quality insurance products, fast claims turnaround, and superior customer service and is probably New Zealand’s ‘best little health insurer’.


Learn more about different types of insurance from a licenced financial adviser and see what's best for your circumstances.

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In this Accuro private health insurance review, we’ll look at which of its plans are exclusively offered through Policywise. 

Accuro - who are they?

Accuro began in 1971 as the Hospital Services Welfare Society, to provide health cover for hospital staff. This might account for why more than half of its current members are from the health sector - the company’s expertise in health insurance is well-established.

Steady growth led to the expansion of the Hospital Services Welfare Society beyond the medical industry to cover all Kiwis, and a new name, Accuro (Latin for ‘taking care’), came with that diversification.

Accuro prides itself on innovation and can boast some notable firsts, including:

  • First New Zealand insurer to introduce non-smoker and healthy weight discounts
  • First New Zealand insurer to offer online quotes and applications
  • First health insurer in the world to offer instant online cover.

Key facts about Accuro

Founded: 1971 in New Zealand
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Premium revenue: $34.9 million
Accumulated claims paid: $26.2 million
Solvency margin: $5.4 million
Solvency ratio: 221% (31 August 2021)
Financial strength rating:  B+ (Good) A.M. Best

Accuro health insurance plans

The experts at Policywise believe you should always seek professional advice when considering a financial commitment such as private insurance. To help in your decision-making, our Policywise team has completed extensive research on which health insurance companies and policies stand out. 

Accuro offers a number of policies that tick all the boxes including:

  • Smartcare+ 
  • Smartcare
  • Staycare
  • KidSmart
  • StaffCare+ 
  • StaffCare.

Smartcare+ & SmartCare

SmartCare+ is Accuro’s most comprehensive health insurance policy, offering excellent cover, including non-Pharmac-funded drugs. Accuro’s SmartCare policy has slightly less cover, more restrictions, and doesn't include non-Pharmac-funded drugs. However, most of the key benefits are still there, and it’s an affordable plan well-worth considering. You can further optimise both these policies with a number of options.

The SmartCare+ & SmartCare base plans include (list of highlights only):




General Surgery

$500,000 per policy year

$300,000 per policy year

Major diagnostic procedures

$500,000 per policy year

$300,000 per policy year

Oral surgery

$300,000 per policy year

$300,000 per policy year

Non-Pharmac drugs

In general or private surgery


Private Hospital non-surgical

$300,000 per policy year

$200,000 per policy year

Cover in Australia

Costs for non-acute medical conditions incurred & treated in Australia

Costs for non-acute medical conditions incurred & treated in Australia

Funeral grant



Loyalty benefits

Screening (prostate, mammogram), melanoma, pregnancy + infertility

Screening (prostate, mammogram), melanoma, pregnancy (infertility-NA)


Optional plans to top up your SmartCare+ and SmartCare policies are listed below in a brief summary:

  • Specialist Plan–includes diagnostics, mental health & screening
  • Dental & Optical Plan–includes dental, & orthodontic care, optometrist visits & glasses
  • Natural Health Plan–osteopath, chiropractor, homoeopath, acupuncture treatments
  • GP Plan–covers GP & practice nurse visits, prescriptions and lab tests

For more detail see policy wording: Smartcare+ & SmartCare.


This is the only product on the insurance market specially designed for those coming to work in New Zealand or visiting on a visa with less than two years’ validity. 

SmartStay will cover the costs for urgent private or public hospital treatments, general practitioner consultations, and prescribed drugs or lab tests. Cover includes dependents up to 25 years old.

Accuro’s SmartStay base plan includes the following:

  • General surgery–up to $150,000 per claim
  • Major diagnostics–up to cover for each item
  • Private or public hospital non-surgical admission–$65,000
  • Oral surgery–up to $150,000 per claim

 You can also boost your SmartStay coverage with:

  • Specialist Plan–specialist consults & diagnostics up to $4,000
  • GP Plan–GP & nurse visits, $500 per policy year, plus lab tests and prescription fees

If you’re in New Zealand longer than two years, you may be eligible for the SmartCare cover. Talk to our Policywise experts to find the best cover for you and your loved ones.


A comprehensive health insurance plan specifically designed for children. KidSmart means you can provide health cover for your children or grandchildren without having insurance yourself.

Highlights of the KidSmart base plan include:



General Surgery

$500,000 per child per policy year

Major diagnostic procedures

$500,000 per policy year

Private hospital non-surgical

$300,000 per child per policy year

Oral surgery

$300,000 per child per policy year

Non-Pharmac drugs

In general or private surgery

Overseas treatment

$30,000 per policy year

Cover in Australia

Costs for non-acute medical conditions incurred & treated in Australia

Minor surgery

$3,000 each claim

Guardian accommodation

Up to $3,000 per child per policy year

Specialist Plan

The optional Specialist Plan adds real value to the KidSmart plan with:

  • Specialist Consultations - Coverage of $5,000 per policy year
  • Diagnostic Tests - Coverage of $5,000 per policy year
  • Mental Health Consultations - Coverage of $500 per policy year
  • Melanoma Loyalty Benefit - Coverage of $200 every three policy years
  • Speech Therapy Loyalty Benefit - Coverage of $150 per policy year
  • Orthodontic Treatment Loyalty Benefit - Coverage of $200 per policy year

You can explore the best health insurance options for you and your family when you chat with our expert Policywise advisers.

Active Benefits

Many illnesses can be prevented by making minor lifestyle changes. Early diagnosis and treatment are also critical for successful health outcomes. Accuro promotes health and wellbeing for all its members through the Active Benefits programme. As a member, you can use the following resources:

  • Wellness apps–virtual GP consultations 24/7, Healthhub insights, tinnitus support
  • Virtual clinic–access to world-leading specialists for second opinions/ advice & NZ GPs
  • Mental health–fast, confidential access to mental health professionals
  • Preventative care–bowel screening kits & mole checks with Skincare app 

Things to note about Accuro insurance policies

  • You have a 14-day free look period–we’ll refund your premiums if you’re not happy and you haven’t made a claim
  • Cover begins immediately but there may be a stand down period for some benefits
  • Many pre-existing conditions are covered but not all
  • You may get discounted premiums for non-smoking & healthy BMI
  • Accuro health insurance is not intended to cover medical costs incurred while overseas

The above is just a brief summary. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Accuro is especially proud of:

Accuro is happy to offer a few point of difference services, such as covering you for specialist consultations and diagnostic procedures for up to 12 months on either side of surgery. That’s six months longer than other insurers. 

Children listed on your policy remain at child rates until they turn 25. That's four years longer than other insurers.

Caring for your employees and your business

Offering your employees a decent health care plan is a great way to show you really value them. It’s a given that employee health insurance:

Employee health insurance:

  • Encourages motivation and productivity
  • Improves the wellbeing of your team
  • Means fewer days off for severe illness.

And your employees will be more focused on the job because they’re not worrying about waiting for medical treatment, taking time off work, or mounting medical bills. Employee health insurance is a great addition to your business toolbox. In fact, Seek calls it the No.1 Perk that will make a job candidate choose you over your competitor.

And that’s why Accuro offers StaffCare+ and StaffCare.

StaffCare+ & StaffCare

StaffCare+ is especially suited for medium to large businesses and offers comprehensive cover for all your employees. StaffCare is perfect for smaller businesses but has some reduced benefits, including lower cost limits. Cover for a large number of pre-existing conditions makes these two policies highly attractive to your employees.

Start with the base plan and then add some options to customise your employee insurance to suit. Here’s what’s included in the base plan:




General surgery

Coverage of $300,000 per policy year

Coverage of $300,000 per policy year

Major diagnostics

$300,000 per policy year

Limits apply per procedure

Oral surgery

$300,000 per policy year

$100,000 per policy year

Private hospital medical admission

$200,000 per policy year

$65,000 per policy year

Non-Pharmac funded drugs

$40,000 per policy year


Treatment outside NZ

$30,000 per policy year

$10,000 per policy year

Best Doctors



You can add value to your StaffCare+ or StaffCare package with the following: 

  • Specialist Plan–includes diagnostics, mental health & screening
  • Dental & Optical Plan–includes dental, & orthodontic care, optometrist visits & glasses
  • Natural Health Plan–osteopath, chiropractor, homoeopath, acupuncture treatments
  • GP Plan–covers GP & practice nurse visits, prescriptions and lab tests

You can learn more about Accuro health insurance for businesses and review the policy documents here.

How to claim

The Accuro health insurance claim process is streamlined and easy. Members can login to the online portal to check personal details, view policy documents, apply for pre-approval, and make claims. It’s simple to register.

We recommend seeking pre-approval if your procedure is likely to cost more than $1,000 and requires hospitalisation. 

You can learn more about making claims  and downloading the Accuro claim form by clicking on these links.

You can also claim your Accuro insurance through Policywise here. We’ll verify your claim with the insurer and smooth things over in those very rare instances when an issue arises. Policywise aims to make health insurance totally stress-free so you can focus on getting back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Do you need health insurance in New Zealand?

Wait times for essential and elective surgery are increasing each year. These delays can lead to much poorer health outcomes as well as increased stress and frustration. Health insurance can also pay for expensive treatments that are not publicly funded in New Zealand.

How much can you expect to pay privately for some common treatments in New Zealand?

Common surgeries

Private treatment costs (if you don’t have health insurance)

Single valve heart operation

Up to $80,000

Total hip replacement

Up to $30,000

Total knee replacement

Up to $30,000

Spinal fusion

Up to $60,000


$4,500 each


Up to $30,000

Heart bypass

Up to $70,000

Good health is priceless. Private health insurance can help you:

Health insurance can help you:

  • Avoid lengthy wait times for major surgery
  • Access expensive non-Pharmac-funded drugs
  • Receive better aftercare support and rehabilitation
  • Reduce stress and uncertainty in times of illness
  • Get back on your feet faster so you can keep doing the things you love.

Why choose Policywise?

Policywise is a 100% free service which tells you which health, life, and disability insurance provider best fits your needs. We provide quotes and a comprehensive comparison of all leading providers - such as Accuro - as well as a simple, one-page summary clearly stating how our findings dovetail with your situation.

Not all health insurance policies are the same. Policywise can help you sort out the duds, avoid the lemons, understand the fine print and exclusions, and get the best insurance for you and your family.

Now is the time to think about investing in private health insurance cover that will give you or someone you love the most outstanding support and treatment possible in the event of illness. How about having a 5-minute phone conversation with us? Together, we can find the ultimate path towards securing your financial and physical health.

Quickly find the cover that’s best for you

Policywise tells you which health, life or disability insurance best matches your circumstances, 100% free. Talk to one of our insurance advisers to find out which health or life insurance is best for you.


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Disclaimer: All information on this page or on this website is general information only and is not intended as advice. It does not take into consideration your personal circumstances. We recommend consulting a professional adviser before making any insurance decision.

Please note, our Policywise advisers are licensed by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice in relation to Health Insurance, Life insurance, and Disability Insurance. You can learn more about this on our Public Disclosure page.

All insurance covers are subject to the insurer’s approval of your application. Insurance policies, as well as their built-in and optional benefits, may be subject to stand-down periods, exclusions, terms and conditions, and premium loadings not listed on this website. Optional benefits also have additional premiums. Please refer to the insurance product’s policy document for full details. 

Insurers may alter these details at any time. Therefore, nothing in our product pages is intended to be definitive or binding. Where there are discrepancies between any policy wording on this website and the policy wording provided by the insurance company at the time of your cover being approved, then the Insurance company’s wording will be deemed the correct version.

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