Income, Mortgage & Rent Protection

Income, Mortgage & Rent Protection

If you get sick or injured and cannot carry on working anymore, what happens next?  

Your ability to earn an income is the biggest asset you will ever have.  In the event of an accident there can be ACC benefits, however they only cover 80% of your income.  Would you be able to enjoy your current quality of life on 80% of your income?  What would happen if ACC denied your claim? Would family or friends help you pay your bills?

Furthermore, ACC does not offer any compensation in the event of illness.  We advise that those who generate an income take action to protect it through the correct insurance structures.  

How Income Protection works:- In the event of a claimable accident or illness Income Protection insurance provides you with a monthly benefit which can pay out up to $25,000 per month, subject to underwriting. Its purpose is to replace some or all of your regular income and reduce any financial loss to you and your family.  

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