Group Life/Health

Group Life/Health

As a senior business leader, Group Life/Health or employee insurance schemes are one of the most valuable employee benefits you can offer your staff. Employers have the choice of either being provided access to a selection of insurance benefits (voluntary schemes), or providing access to, and contributing towards, those benefits (subsidised schemes).

Direct benefits of implementing an employee insurance scheme in your organisation are:-

  • Reduced cost of cover for employees
  • Reduction in paperwork and medical information required to get the cover in place
  • Cover for pre-existing conditions which is a big bonus for employees or senior management with medical complications
  • Discounted premiums for family members of staff and dependents
  • Immediate cover—no stand down period

Its a great business decision to go with an employee insurance programme for your organisation.  For the companies that choose to put one in place, they will see the following benefits:-

  • Help attract talented staff
  • Help reduce the amount of sick days taken by staff
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved staff retention
  • A great way to show how much you care for your employees and their families

An employee insurance programme is the most effective way to improve loyalty of staff and appreciation.  Your staff's personal health and their ability to provide for their families is their highest priority.  Employee insurance schemes are not just for big companies, we can organise a business group insurance programme for a company with as little as 5 staff.

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