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Policywise tells you which health, life, or disability insurance best matches your circumstances, 100% free.

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Complicated fine print Simple one-page summary
Guesswork & assumptions Independent research & expert experience
Confusion & doubts Clarity & assurance
Time-consuming hard work Fast & easy

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Complete peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen the right provider

Looking into health, life and disability insurance options directly is time-consuming and daunting. The policies are difficult to understand, and if you’re like most people, you are too busy to have time to try.

We are fully licenced and registered to advise you, and we have enormous amounts of experience in the insurance industry—so we can provide specific recommendations that match your exact requirements. Let us figure out which policies have the critical cover you want and which don't.

For instance, some providers don’t cover certain conditions, or don’t cover them well, so we’ll make sure that what you need is what you actually get. Also, while all policies go up every year, some go up faster than others. You don’t want to choose a provider that is going to end up costing you more in 10 years.

We can also help you if you have pre-existing conditions you need covered, or a family history of a condition.

Why Choose Policywise?

Lowest market prices

100% free service, lowest market prices

Our purpose is to find you the best cover for the lowest going rate—so you don’t have to shop around. Our prices are exactly the same as going directly through the insurer or your bank for the same policy. There are absolutely no added cost or fees at all. The insurer pays our fees as we save them a lot of admin, and expertly match people to the right policy.

Kiwi owned

Kiwi owned & operated

Based out of Wellington, we work with customers right across New Zealand. We have a heart for protecting Kiwis with the best insurance, for the best price.

Claim advocacy

Advocacy on your behalf if you ever have trouble making a claim

You don't want to be up against your insurer's legal team by yourself. That's why any policy you buy through us is protected by our specialist claims team. They can help with negotiations around even the most difficult claims, as part of our ongoing FREE service. If you took out cover through Policywise, you have nothing to worry about—we can manage your claim on your behalf and go to bat for you with the insurer.

You are in control

You're 100% in control

There is zero obligation with Policywise. We give you the information you need to make an informed decision with no pressure or sales tactics. If you like our recommendations and choose to take out a policy, we’re happy to set it up for you with the insurer as part of our FREE service. We also ensure that every policy has at least a 14-day free look period, so you can cancel for a full refund with no risk.

Claim advocacy

Incredibly simple & clear explanations of which policies are best for you

We give you a SHORT printable report that includes a single-page table of your top options, with clear explanations of the specific features that make them your best choice.

You are in control

Based on independent research

Unlike other comparison sites, our reporting is based on recommendations from in-depth independent research about each insurer. This means you can make an informed and confident decision.

Claim advocacy

Advanced proprietary comparison software

Does having good cover for a particular condition like cancer concern you? We use a proprietary analytics and reporting tool, paired with our extensive experience, to generate in-depth comparisons on the conditions that concern you the most. This means we can ensure you get the exact policy that best covers the areas most important to you.

You are in control

Access to every major provider on the market, and all their policies

Because we only do health, life & disability, we know every insurer worth knowing, and can advise you on every available policy.

Claim advocacy

The only comparison site focused exclusively on health, life & disability cover

We don't do any kind of assets or liability insurance, which means that all of our expertise is concentrated on health, life and disability. Because we are not generalists, we know much more about our specific kind of insurance. It's like the difference between a brain surgeon and a GP.

How Policywise works in 3 easy steps

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  2. Get your FREE, no-obligation quote comparison

    We’ll provide a straight forward run-down of your best options. It will show you the top insurance policies that match your needs, with research and rankings on each insurance provider. You can see a quote summary of the lowest market prices available for these policies. We provide all this completely free, with NO ADDED COST on the premiums, because the insurer pays our fees.
  3. We take care of everything for you

    If you like our recommendations, our experienced insurance heroes will set up everything. Eliminate the pain of organising your insurance. We handle all the time-consuming back-and-forth with the insurer, on your behalf. This is completely FREE.

How Policywise generally compares to other online quote providers

  Policywise™ Other comparison sites Traditional brokers Banks Insurers
(going direct)
Completely free service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quotes from 8 of NZ’s leading insurers Yes Some* Some* No* No
Tailored recommendations fitted to your needs Yes No Yes No* No
Detailed quote comparisons Yes No Some* No No
Comparisons based on third-party research Yes Some Yes No No
Fast & efficient process Yes Yes Some* Yes Some
Independent claims support & advocacy Yes Some Yes No No*
Laser focused on health, life & disability Yes Yes Some* No Yes*
Experts at negotiating pre-existing conditions Yes Some Some No No
Help you review your existing cover Yes No Yes No No
Avoid ungenerous policies that make claiming hard Yes Yes Yes No Some
Ongoing support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nicest guys in New Zealand Yes No No No No

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